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Professional-Model-Pictures-for-Kids-at-Studio-B-PortraitsProfessional-Model-Photography-for-Kids_Studio-B-Portraits Look out Mickey might just be looking at the Disney Channel's next Super Star!  Meet Olivia -- working the camera like a professional at just 10 years old.  This sweet girl is headed for a second round of auditions with the Big Cheese (hee hee...get it? Mouse? Cheese?...alright I'll stop :-)  ) and needed updated professional headshots and a composite card (aka comp card)  for the next step in the interview process.  Olivia is everything that a photographer, casting director and agency would want in a working child actor or model.  She's extremely personable, polite and takes direction well but clearly is still a kid that is genuinely having fun and doing what she enjoys.  It's this last part -- the authentic joy of the activity -- that makes her so great awesome to play pictures with...her little giggle was infectious as she sang to a Miley Cyrus song!