Decorating with Baby Portraits | Studio B Portrait Studio, Seattle

Decorating-with-Family-Pictures_Studio-B-Portraits_NurseryStudio-B-Portraits_best-newborn-portraits-of-boy-in-stork-sling-sleeping Guessing there is very little missing who THE most photographed baby in Seattle is these days :-)  Seriously, it's really a good thing that he's chosen to sleep through almost every one of my "fun with baby" photo shoots, because he would likely think I'm obsessed with him (and let's be honest... 'lil bit :-) )  But in this case -- as you can see above... I'm totally justified because I fully bridged the gap to two other OCD activities of mine...Pinterest and Decorating with Wall Portraits!!!  (Note to my spouse: See I am NOT crazy)  While I was pregnant and in the "I'm having a baby nesting phase" I built my Pinterest Nursery board with the idea that I did not want traditional baby boy blue. I landed on red & black and I'm toying with an aviator theme.  So far, I could not be more pleased with how the room is coming together.  I still have the opposite side walls to shoot and design as we do Wesley's "Watch Me Grow" sessions, but I feel like I'm well on my way with this first wall portrait - a 24 inch custom sized Framed Giclee Canvas.   Every time I look at it hanging in his room it makes me smile.  I have to laugh though...and I know all of you new Mom's will understand what I am about to son has yet to sleep even one night in this room.  I'm pretty sure we should call this the "diaper changing room" instead of his bedroom!