NFL Player Eddie Williams Photo Shoot | Photographer Brooke Clark for Studio B, Seattle,

  Studio B Portraits_Eddie Williams NFL Football_photogapher Brooke Clark

Studio B Portraits_Eddie Williams NFL Football2_photogapher Brooke Clark It was clear from the moment that I met NFL Running Back Eddie Williams with his gleaming white smile, easy laugh and perfectly fitted suit that this photo shoot was going to be a fun one. Let's be honest... 50% of my work was already done before he stepped onto the set as I thought to myself "Big shout out to his Mom & Dad for the great genes!" (I later learned from his beautiful wife that he actually has to work for those muscles :-) ) This shoot was clearly as far as you can get from the football field and it's a good thing because I believe at one point I ask him to grab the ball and "put your fingers on the little strings" -- BTW...those white things I've now learned are called "laces" -- Really impressive huh? I personify the sentiment "Those who can not play are born to be Cheerleaders"...FWHS Eagles Class of 1991 to be exact :-) But back to our shoot...Eddie had a very specific creative direction for this session -- the images will be featured on his soon to be launched website--and I was really excited for us to marry his stylized GQ'esque persona with his grid iron Cleveland Browns day very favorite shot is this one of him powering right toward the camera -- just love it.