Decorating with Family Portraits | Studio B Portraits near Bellevue

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Guess who wanted to be giddy like a school girl when she saw this MOST amazing family wall portrait design?  (My two thumbs are pointing right back at me with a big old grin on my face...because...YEP, it's me!)  I first introduced this lovely family when I photographed their formal family portraits this past December and we had so many amazing images, I just knew that the design possibilities were unlimited.  Since a BIG part of what we do for our clients is helping them enjoy the images through design and decorating -- the plan became to showcase the "favorites of favorites" on the main wall of the formal living room, sprinkle smaller prints throughout the home and bind all of the session portraits into a custom designed album for the coffee table.   I know there is a lot to look at in the images above so I'll just walk through starting from the top.  The formal sitting room features an eight piece Giclee Canvas Series -- the largest piece is 40 inches and we used that as the visual anchor to the surrounding accent portraits.  Each of the pieces is custom framed in  warm golden Artisan moldings - we selected three different frame styles that we repeated at least once on the wall-- doing so gave us visual continuity without being matchy matchy.   Now...on to the coffee table, that's our Artisan Book -- this is a 20 page custom designed book featuring the "best of the rest" of the portrait session images and answers the question of "how can I have it all"  We design these books to be storytelling in nature...multiple images per spread that bring back great memories from the session.  Mom Lilia loves the lux look of metallic so we created the entire book with a metallic cover and metallic prints.  And finally, moving to the foyer...for the smaller gift prints in the house we also created these on metallic paper and I just adore, the eclectic mix of Henredon frames -- such a great finishing touch.