Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Call – Class of 2014 | Feature Story Alexis| Issaquah High School

Studio-B-Portraits_Issaquah-High-School-Senior-Pictures-Model-Team-_Alexis We had such a fun time sharing our Senior Model Interviews and I couldn't be more pleased to close out our series with a final interview with Issaquah High School Model Alexis!  She has the most dazzling blue eyes and even brighter spirit -- what a joy it is to have gotten to know her over this past year!  Before we jump into her interview below, I wanted to give one final reminder that our NEW 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team Open Casting call is coming to a close at the end of this month.  If you are or know an awesome Junior in High School that would be a great model, please be sure to have them request an application via the link above.

1. Name: Alexis

2. School: Issaquah High School

3. My style right now is... Casual

4. Favorite Magazine: Glamour

5. Favorite Retailer: Abercrombie and Fitch

6. So "Right Now": Vintage lace-up boots, scarfs, chiffon material (for shirts), Toms

7. So "Over it": Furry Boots/Be-Dazzled Boots

8. My favorite color(s) are... Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal

9. My celebrity Style Icon is... Selena Gomez, because her casual style is simple but pretty; complete with skinny jeans, lace up boots or Toms, a scarf and some type of cardigan or light weight shirt. Gorgeous.

10. My favorite Studio B Model Moment was... Definitely laughing with Brooke. She makes it so relaxing and fun and makes you feel like all eyes are on you which allows you to be in your own element to show off who you truly are.

11. Your Best Studio B Outfit/Shot: My favorite shot was one where I was outside against a white wall with one hand on my side and the other hand resting on the wall. I was wearing a very light golden-white three quarter sleeve shirt that had two buttons that formed a small V-shape on the front of the shirt. I was asked to look at my mom and sister who were standing in the distance watching the photo shoot and while looking towards them the resulting shot really showcased my eyes which I always get compliments on including my full smile and one of my favorite shirts. All together it had to have been one of my favorite shots because it was simple and it was "me" :)"

12. Anything else?: Be yourself in any photo that is taken of you that is supposed to last a lifetime because you want to be able to look back on it and remember how you felt when it was taken. Brooke is fabulous and allows you to create memories that you will always remember.