Baby Boy Portraits | 4 months | Studio B Portraits near Bellevue, WA

Cute-baby-boy-in-hat-against-brick-wall-4-months-at-Studio-B-Portraits It's not that I forgot how awesome babies are...I mean I had two before young Wesley joined us -- but there is something indescribable about knowing that he is our last (because yes the factory is closed) that makes me really dial in and enjoy every single moment.  I brought him down to the studio to do what amounted to THE quickest "Watch Me Grow" baby milestone photo shoot in Studio B history (guess I could have timed both his lunch and nap a bit better...he's asleep...fat & happy on my lap as I type here :-) )  At 4 months, I'm pleased to announce for the record that my son has found not one...but both of his hands, he hates tummy time, and is losing his hair in a very George Constanza-like fashion....but miraculously is still crazy adorable.  (He might start a new trend among babies!)