2014 Model Team | The Faces of Studio B Seniors | Studio B Portraits

High School Senior Picture Model Team 2014 at Studio B Portraits So excited to give you a first look at our complete 2014 Studio B Seniors Model Team! Representing 10 different high schools, these 24 students are the face of our NEW Spring and Summer Campaigns.   Not to get all preachy, but when I was in high school there was no Studio B "You On Your Best Day"...place for senior pictures.  We all went to the same joint, sat in the same chair, heard the camera click fourteen times and exited stage left. :-) It's SO different now and we really wanted to celebrate that with a diverse look and a wide range of activities that would allow for every kid to feel like they could see themselves. Our models are extremely involved in their schools and community--musicians, cheerleaders, actors, athletes, dancers -- we really feel like we scored the best of the best to represent the Class of 2014.   In addition to promoting Studio B at their school, the model team will be appearing in our advertising, showcasing upcoming style and fashion trends and rolling out exclusive Senior Summer Specials.  We launched the Spring Campaign earlier this month and you can see our 425 Magazine feature in the May issue and check out the first set of senior picture style ideas on our Facebook page (we'll be adding new ones each week).