Child Modeling Headshots | Tips and Tricks for Great Styling | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Best childrens photographer_4 year old blonde in modern glitter dressBest childrens photographer_4 year old blonde in modern striped black and white dress So what a little cutie pie Miss Presley is in her awesome ensembles!  Modeling two different looks for her photo shoot, you won't be surprised to hear that this sweet six year old will be vamping for the camera professionally quite soon.  Child models are REALLY fun for me on any day of the week...but I particularly enjoy this age because the kids are absolutely aware of what we're doing.  These babes "get" that we are "having a photo shoot" and it's fun...we dress up, spin on the chair,  play with the fan and most of's ALL about them!  For parents interested in potentially having your kids consider modeling with an agency I'll just quickly point out two of the major "DO's" of head shots for your kids.  DO look through kids catalogs and retailers for inspiration!  You can't go wrong with Mini Boden, Tea and Peek Kids for keeping the look colorful & current. Have fun with the styling and DO keep it nice and comfortable so that your babe is focused on having a great time...not tugging on their clothes.