Tips for What to Wear for Family Portraits using Pinterest | Clark Family Pictures

Clark-Family-Vacation-at-Sooke_Mom Brooke Clark owner of Studio B Portraits-in-bw-stripe-dress-with-red-rose-detail So as you might know if you follow this blog...I'm a little bit (read: A LOT) obsessed with Pinterest.  I've used it for decorating my sitting room, designing my son's nursery and most recently I used it to plan our wardrobe styling for our family pictures that I had scheduled for us during our vacation to Sooke in Vancouver Island, Canada --  some people buy souvenirs on vacation...I plan photo shoots (Old habits dies hard :-) Big thanks to the local BC photographer Nichole Taylor for creating these lovely memories for us.).

Since family portraits typically fall on Mom from start to finish and figuring out what everyone is going to wear can be intimidating...I thought it might be helpful for me to share some tips for how I did it for my own family shoot and what we also do here at Studio B for our families that would like to do wardrobe consults before their family sessions.  First -- I started with the season and embraced the idea that we would be outside in the Spring/Summer sunshine.  Second -- I thought of the venue -- big white hotel with a huge waterfront view of blue seas. Three - this shoot was celebrating our 10 year anniversary ...I wanted to focus on Glenn and me as a couple and the family as an entire group so coordinated...but NOT matching outfits were a priority.  Four - I thought about where these portraits would be on display in our home and I selected the red, black & green accents because they would match our family room beautifully. Five (and finally) - Style...I wanted upscale but not formal (meaning: no jeans) but still a comfortable ensemble that we could all move easily.  I love the idea of mixing patterns and solids with complimentary colors...don't be scared!  See...just 5 easy steps ;-)  Just kidding...I know it's not quite "that" simple and  if this feels like a lot for your own family session at Studio B...don't worry, we're here to help you (I've literally gone through closets to assist Moms and built inspiration Pinterest boards for clients prior to sessions).