Tips for great professional business headshots outdoors | Issaquah Head shot Photographer

Best-professional-business-headshots-in-Seattle-of-blonde-woman-smiling-in-cream-sweater-and-black-pants_Studio-B-Portraits-Issaquah For a lot of professionals, updating your business headshot can seem intimidating.  If this sounds like you  -- consider taking your business headshot outdoors. Whether you are branding yourself on Linked-in, looking for your next opportunity or just keeping your look current  bypassing the  studio lights and backdrops may be the perfect answer to capturing a great headshot.   For Heather (who is actually a complete natural in front of the camera), we started inside the studio and then jumped outside to give her a bit of variety to the overall shoot.  As a Loan Officer she has the flexibility in her industry that both types of looks would be completely appropriate.  Whatever your reason for heading are a couple of tips to get you started. First: Dress head to toe & accessorize: Even though it's a "head shot"...presenting yourself in a fully finished outfit will give you confidence in front of the camera. Second: Go for the Easy Win:  Select colors and fits that you know that you look good dramatic hair changes, color experiments or make-up shenanigans on the day of your shoot :-) Third:  Don't be put off by extreme weather: Raining, overcast or crazy sunny?  No worries. Barring a're working with a professional photographer that can accommodate for all types of weather patterns.  And actually, open shade on a sunny day (like Heather here) is super pretty lighting...we can get the same type of results with a typical Seattle cloudy day.