Decorating with Family Portraits | Giclee Canvas Series in Issaquah Home | Studio B

Decorating with Family Portraits using canvas wraps_Studio B Portraits.jpgIt's no secret -- I LOVE (capitals for emphasis here) seeing our finished pieces hanging in our client's home. And looking at the gorgeous Kemmerer House -- I know you understand why.  I first introduced you to The Kemmerer Family after we photographed them on location at their home and today we completed the installation on their walls.  Here's the results of all of Mom Dolores's hard work.   I say hard work because it's always the Mom who has to coordinate the family, style the outfits, cajole Dad into even agreeing to the session shenanigans and then...if that wasn't THE final portraits :-) )  Since decorating with portraits and has always been super popular on the blog...I figured I'd do what I always do...tell you how we created this wall design.  It's important to note that before I even clicked the camera -- we knew exactly where the finished pieces would hang, the coordinating color palette of the room and the scale that would enhance...not distract from the ambiance of the space.  (I just can't say enough about pre-planning when you are decorating with photographic art.)  Since I always get the question about sizes etc...the single canvas hanging here in the family room is a 50 inch Giclee with a thick 2.5 inch depth.  The 6 piece custom Giclee canvas series on the stairs ranges from 32"-10". More Decorating Inspiration