Tips for a great family photo shoot when your kids are young | Family photographer Brooke Clark

Best family pictures on the Eastside with Brooke Clark outdoors_Studio B Portraits Issaquah_0085.jpg Best family pictures on the Eastside with Brooke Clark outdoors_Studio B Portraits Issaquah_0084.jpg

Family portraits with young children - oh boy!  Cue the collective eye roll from any Mom that has tried to convince her beloved spouse that this is a fantastic idea   At first blush, the whole process might appear to be a recipe for complete disaster but honestly -- it really can be a ton of fun.  I've got a few tips for you and we're going to use the fabulous Shanks family to illustrate.'s important to understand that there is going to be a fair amount of madness (this shouldn't come as a surprise) -- but realize that burst of energy is going to be the perfect element for super cute spontaneous (read: photogenic) moments & memories.  Second...make great choices for wardrobe -- dress for comfort and flexibility so that you can easily move with your kid's numerous zigs & zags but also remember that these portraits will be hanging on your wall at home forever so select something that you are ready to look at for the next 50 years (no pressure :-) )  Third....Make sure your photographer (um...that would be me in this case) is completely aware of your kid's ages, temperaments & quirks so that when a location is being is going to result in awesome portraits.  I specifically chose this location so that we could explore and play games without the allure of enticing playground equipment that might distract our little guy here.  We played imaginary games (pretending the kids were Hansel & Gretel) to wander the paths, peek around trees, skip & keep the kids engaged & camera-ready.