Clambake for Family & Friends | 425 Magazine Photo shoot | Photographer Brooke Clark

425 Magazine Clambake photo shoot Hedin_Studio B Portraits Brooke Clark_0086.jpg The September issue of 425 Magazine is hot off the presses and I was so excited to photograph "One Last Hurrah"... Alexandra Hedin's Summer Clambake.  But because it's me...there is always some type of crazy shenanigan associated with the flawless images. Let me lay the backstory for you here...Ali is the entertainment editor for the mag and when she styles a shoot...every last detail is perfection.  The table looks great, the food is amazing and the guests are fabulous...right down to the impeccably well mannered children in attendance. Uh...almost all of the children.  The exception? Um...those would be MINE!  Since we were shooting in the early evening, I thought it would be awesome to bring my kids to play in the park with Daddy while I did the shoot...then we'd grab dinner...and spare the family having to eat my cooking for yet another night :-)  Seems like a great plan right?  Of course not.  We're probably 15 minutes into Ali's Clambake extravaganza when I hear somebody's child screaming bloody-murder.  Oh yeah...wait for it -- that would be my middle kid.  I look over my shoulder...get the thumbs up from my spouse (daughter in his arms) that I should just keep working...he's got it "handled".  Turns out she fell on a bee...she took very little solace in the fact that the bee died for stinging her but she did have quite a bit of delight in retelling the story to anyone that would listen to her tale of the killer bee in the local Burgermaster for the next 45 minutes.  All's well that ends well right?  Not quite -- Cut to my baby boy hurling his entire dinner onto the restaurant table, adjacent booth of people suddenly clearly toward the door and... it's a wrap on dinner out. Fade to black.