Beautiful Senior Pictures that prove the classics never go out of style | Kirkland Senior Photographer

Beautiful senior pictures of International School Kirkland girl_Studio B Portraits Brooke Clark_0090.jpg You've probably heard the adage "The classics NEVER go out of style" It's SO true... and International School Kirkland High School Senior Teodora is the perfect example. Trends are awesome and incorporating a sprinkle or two into your senior pictures outfits is always a "DO" for keeping it fun & fresh but for long term...timeless beauty -- you can never go wrong with gorgeous today, gorgeous tomorrow style. I loved her choice of black A-line skirt and cream colored top with the scoop neckline. SO pretty. But of course, it's the SHOES...look at the fabulous shoe that just seals the deal.  We also added another of our outdoor favorites to our Facebook page here.