Issaquah is beautiful for outdoor Fall Family Pictures | Studio B Portraits near Bellevue

Outdoor Fall Pictures__Brooke Clark_Studio B Portraits Brooke Clark_0095.jpg Best Outdoor Fall Pictures with Brooke Clark in Issaquah Outdoor Fall Pictures__Brooke Clark_Studio B Portraits Brooke Clark_0096.jpg Ding ding ding!!! (that's my written attempt at trying to let you know it's time :-)...just sad, I get it -- but whatever, now that I've got your attention, let's talk Fall Family Portraits. If you are wondering about when to pull the trigger for those great Autumn colors with to-die-for sun, once again "ding, ding".  I'm guessing I've driven home the point so now...let's get to the Bazlen Family here.  As soon as I saw their film I knew I'd be tripping all over myself to share their photo shoot with you.  They are everything that I love about outdoor family pictures during this time of year...comfortable and coordinated without being matchy matchy (oh...and never underestimate the power of comfortable shoes during an outdoor photo shoot)  For this type of family portrait session where everyone is grown (READ: no freakishly fast toddlers to chase) - we had the benefit of getting to pose and play in a leisurely fashion.  Unfortunately for our college intern Robert who was assisting us on the shoot...that meant that I got some clever idea about him laying in the bushes holding lighting equipment so that I could land "the perfect shot".  You'd think I'd be content that he so quickly agreed to lay in the dirt to achieve my vision...but NO -- I had to add insult to injury by taking a picture of him doing it -- and that my friends, I have happily posted to our Facebook page for your viewing "behind the scenes" pleasure.  (BTW...Robert tells me like 20 minutes after the shoot...totally allergic to the grass. :-( )  Oh and I have another awesome favorite of the Bazlen's that I featured on our timeline profile too.