Decorating with family portraits in the formal dining room | Studio B Portraits, Issaquah WA

Decorating with formal family portraits in the dining room__Brooke Clark_Studio B Portraits_0110.jpg My name is Brooke and I'm a bit of a room stalker...there I said it :-)  I've literally been looking at this gorgeous formal dining room and formulating when I was going to get to feature portraits here since the Vizquel Family moved in!  I don't even have to say anything more as to why...I mean just pretty and silver and perfect!  Each of these Giclee Canvas Wraps are custom 17 inch squares highlighting each of the kids and then an additional group portrait of them together with one of their cutey pups. (If I was going to get off topic right now...this might be the time that I would mention that the family has a zoo on their property...not the exaggerated "it's a zoo" at our house kind of phrase..NO, I'm talking a literal "Zoo" with monkey's and kangaroos.  BUT I'm not going to get off topic, so this is me, NOT mentioning that at all :-) )