Have a Crappy Christmas? | Funny Outtakes of Crying Kid | Great Childrens Photographer

Funny-Christmas-portrait-of-crying-children__Brooke-Clark_Studio-B-Portraits Are we having fun yet???  Just in case you think that only your family could qualify for the "Have a Crappy Christmas" Card award -- I submit for your consideration...my own Clark children holiday family portraits.  Let's break down the film.  EPIC  sobbing from my middle daughter -- and Why?...because...well... because of her placement on the bench.   To which I literally heard myself say to her "Are You KIDDING me with this Ryann?" -- But I moved her -- and she stopped crying.  Stinker.   Then my lovely baby boy -- who is always is full of joy...took her lead and gave me the WTF expression for what I swear was 90% of the photo shoot -- the other 10% was split between him alternately 1. refusing to look at the camera and 2. open-hand slapping his sister upside her head.  Finally -- my one cooperative kid, our oldest daughter -- relegated to gritted teeth and snarky commentary during this circus side-show asking -- "Did you get it? Are we done yet?"  My reply -- NO we did NOT get it.  And YES we are SO done.  :-)  Shoot #2 went waaaayyy better...here's a sneak peek from that shoot that we posted on Facebook.

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