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Great Business headshots of Doug Frye _Studio B Head shots_0031.jpg Great Business headshots of Doug Frye _Studio B Head shots_0033.jpg Great Business headshots of Doug Frye _Studio B Head shots_0032.jpg I'm highly visual (shocking news from a professional photographer right?) and apparently you all are too :-) I keep hearing that you would like more examples and tips for planning your professional business headshots. Managing your online image & presence can be intimidating so seeing someone else "effortlessly get it right" -- is really helpful. Hoping it makes you feel better when I tell you -- it's NOT "effortless" for anyone - even Colliers International, CEO Doug Frye here executed against a plan. (But damn he did make it look easy...this guy is SO cool ;-) ) And really...making it look easy is the best and finest illusion for any professional -- athlete, entertainer...and in 2014 the modern business person. If we just cut right to it --

1. You are going to plan:  Whether you are doing a contemporary head & shoulders Linked-In image or shooting a more extensive portfolio photo shoot like Doug -- thinking in advance about how you intend to use the images is going to best direct the styling and selection of outfits.   Are you submitting for a charity board?...maybe something approachable trumps the power suit, right?  I think you get the idea -- Match the personality of your wardrobe to the place that you will be showcasing the imagery.

2. You are going to prepare:  This one is simple to say and harder to do because the list can be lengthy.  Make all of your decisions in advance so that you are able to focus on the details -- accessories, scheduling your haircut or color, looking at examples on Google images of headshots that you love so you can communicate your vision with your photographer.  The more you do in advance, the more relaxed you can be on the day of your portrait session.  (Shoot...Doug was so prepared, he had time to call and ask me if he could pick me up some Starbucks on the way to the studio.  Really? Gosh how nice that?)

3. Solicit Opinions: Ask your spouse, guy friend, best gal for their opinion -- This 3rd step is critical people.  I'm talking about your trusted advisers...the people that will tell you "that burnt orange on you looks like a hot mess but blue brings out the sparkle in your eyes" kind of honesty.  Knowing in advance that you made good choices will once again help your confidence in front of the camera.

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