Decorating with Family Portraits | How to Mix Your Favs

Decorating-with-wall-portraits-in-the-entry-way_Studio-B-PortraitsDecorating-with-family wall-portraits-in-the-entry-way_Studio-B-PortraitsFoyer inspiration board For all of us self proclaimed "picture-people" this "Decorating with Family Portraits" installment might just be a game changer. But first... here it is -- my confession....My name is Brooke and I'm addicted to family portraits.  I love everything about the process of creating and designing the actual shoots.  I'm not even done with one session before I'm already thinking about "what I'm going to do next time"  It's a sickness really...I'd feel worse, but you have the fever too right?  The all time best part of the entire process is seeing the memories come to life in our homes  and honestly there is no bigger thrill than a fabulous wall portrait series that makes you stand there & stare.   With that said, it brings me to a challenge that many of us share.  How do we display and decorate with imagery that we have created over the years?  So many great milestones and moments - varied locations, lighting, studio sessions, outdoor shoots, so different...but we want it to look cohesive and pulled together right?"   Admittedly there are a lot of ways to tackle this but today we're talking about mixing and matching your all-time favorite images by creating a "WOW" wall .  (You know what I'm talking about...people come into your house...see it and say...WOW! ) Brands like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have catalogs each season that are great for inspiration and I wanted to share my latest idea with you too.  (Spoiler Alert: It's my entryway above :-) )  Each of the images that I chose were originally smaller prints that I just adored - they were all in color,  displayed around our home in desk size prints.  The petite frames just weren't doing them justice so I decided to pick my very favorites -- "all-stars" if you will -- render them again...this time, in a chocolate sepia tone wall portraits and wrap them museum style with an ivory mat and warm silver molding.  The finished arrangement is a symmetrical  rectangle  made up of asymmetric elements- pieces range in size from 20-24 inches and as you can see I included both horizontal and vertical images...close-ups, single subjects & groups, posed & candid, studio sessions & outdoor lifestyle portraits.  My family is still quite young so I decided to not fill my entire wall right away...I left enough space to add an additional row of images in the future (you know...just in case ;-) ) Well, that's it for today, oh wait...if you have followed my blog in the past, you already know I'm obsessed with designing using Pinterest so I thought I'd show you the brainstorming board (above) that ultimately led to the finished space in our home.  Gotta love Sarah Jessica Parker in a fab dress strolling in a NYC gallery!