Simple Wardrobe Tip for a Great Headshot | Professional Photographer near Bellevue

Great professional headshots outdoors of woman in geometric black & white print_StudioBportraits_0001.jpgSo I love when I see a style idea that is awesome...yet also TOTALLY doable (that might seem like a strange comment but I'm a Mom of three so even the lightest load can seem like heavy lifting on the wrong morning for me) -- I know you know what I mean so tuck this one away the next time you are coming over to Studio B to update your headshot and you are struggling with the BIG "What to wear" question.  Here it is...cue the drumroll -- "Bring a coat!" Wait what?  Oh you read it right -- bring a coat like Jenelle here or even a cardigan sweater can do the job too.  The simple act of putting it on, opening the front or buttoning it up gives you so many different visual choices when it comes time to make your final choices that you'll be sure to see tons of images that you love.  Jenelle paired her top -- a contemporary geometric print pattern in black & white with a super cute black jacket (don't you love that sweet bow collar?) and she photographs so differently when we changed her pose, background and angles.