What to do when picture day goes horribly wrong?

School-photo-of-Brooke-from-1989 When I was in the fourth grade, my Mom forgot it was picture day -- unfortunately for her...I did not. I lived a block from school so I ran home, threw on my best lavender sweater & acid wash jean combo circa 1982 and proceeded to bring home the most hideous school picture I'd taken to date. BUT I'm an overachiever and with great effort I managed to unseat the title of "worst class picture ever" when I got to 11th grade...sprayed my bangs sky high...fashioned the entire style into a stiff isosceles triangle...utilizing a full can of Aqua Net, paired it with my braces and rocked the shot once again -- SWEET ) Fast forward to 2014 and I've pretty much dedicated my entire Senior Pictures Photography style to NOT letting other kids go down in flames like I did for what should be the most special time of their High School career. It's also the reason that I've photographed my newphew's "picture day" photo as he's come through school over the years too. This year -- Mason is in the 9th grade and although he is clearly a few years from being one of my seniors -- oh my goodness, I already know it's only going to be a blink before it's his turn. That being said... in my mind he will always be that little 2 years old baby walking with me to Starbucks whose little legs got too tired...so I carried him the entire way home. (That was coincidentally...the same day that I learned the true value of remembering to bring a stroller)