Fashion Show

IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0218.jpg IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0216.jpg IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0217.jpg IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0214.jpg IHS Fashion Show 2014_Studio B Portraits_0215.jpg Friday night was the 3rd Annual Issaquah High School Fashion Show and as you can see -- SO fun. The students walk the runway as a fundraiser for their associated student body and honestly -- the production value on this event is just unreal. You would never in a million years guess that this was put together by a High School...unless you were watching the television version on Glee (and then...they have all of the Hollywood pros making their magic happen!)  Really not kidding -- we're talking VIP Swag bags, cool DJ, lights, stage -- they pulled out all of the stops.  It's really obvious that this event is a labor of love for both the kids, the community and the parents. All of the clothes were sponsored by local businesses and the live auction items were submitted by very generous parents. The highlight of the night for me was when the entire show came to a stop -- one of the male models walked to the end of the runway and presented one of the pretty girl models with a big sign that read "PROM?" -- She said YES by the way ;-) You can see a ton more from the show on our Facebook page