Client "Love Letter"

Sheenah-Hellmers-thank-you-letter-to-Studio-B I love "letters" -- I like writing them, I like getting them...and I'm pretty sure it hall harkens back to when I was a small child and my Aunt Judy would send me and my sisters care packages in the mail.  There literally was no greater happiness than seeing that brown-paper-wrapped package, covered with Easter stickers in our mail box (the contents were always great, but not as memorable as actually seeing it arrive for us -- now THAT was the true joy!) much as things change...apparently they also stay just the same. I received this lovely letter in the mail from Realtor Sheenah Hellmers who was a little nervous about having her professionals headshots updated.  After her head shot session and selection of her images -- she wrote this and receiving her words in the mail literally made my day :-)

"Thank you so much for your artistry and talent. I love, love love my new picture and look....It is me!...Which sounds easy but I know is not. I've had an overwhelmingly positive response from friends, family and colleagues. You are the best!  Thank you! Thank you! Sheenah"