Modern Family Portraits | Portrait Studio near Bellevue WA

Great Professional Family Pictures_Studio B PortraitsGreat Professional Family Pictures_Studio B Portraits_Stohler_0239Great Professional Family Pictures_Studio B Portraits_Stohler_0240 I love photographing families -- love it!'s only me and the Mom that are pumped up in the beginning...but by the end -- 99% of the rest of the family comes to the "This didn't suck" Surprise Party ;-)  Heehee.  What...are you shocked??? It's so true!  A couple of years ago, I was almost ready to change our tag line from "You on Your Best Day" to..."Your Family won't think it was as horrible as they originally thought" -- but frankly -- that was a bit wordy for a bumper sticker so we just stuck with what we had!  The Stohler Family brought a fresh and modern spin on the classics that just looks fantastic for our studio photo shoot.  I just adore their upscale casual look with the brothers in button down pattern shirts, Dad in a sports coat and...the girls...let's just pause and check out the ladies in their super sweet lace, denim and chocolate boots!  Not to be outdone...Pug, Pasha Spice she went with "vintage fur" for our sneak peeks here but let's be honest -- all eyes on her right?