Male Model Portfolio Photo Shoot: Cameron

Male model photo shoot_Studio B Portraits When I was in Los Angeles, I worked with Ford Modeling Agency and my specialty was creating portfolios for their new models.  For those of you that might have missed the latest episode of America's Next Top Model, let me give you a quick overview -- These genetically gifted young people (like model Cameron here) use their portfolios to "go see" clients and interview for jobs representing their brand.  The key on these types of shoots is to showcase the assets of the model and overall versatility of their look. I'm guessing you get the idea from our visuals here but to illustrate...Versace wants a different type of look than say...Nike...or Microsoft...would want as the "face" of their brand.  I love getting to do these Portfolio Sessions they give me super high self esteem -- you know "pretty photos of pretty people" -- YEAH ME!  But apart from models, I find myself mostly doing portfolio sessions for a TON of online dating picture profiles for grown-ups -- WHAT?  (cue the shock and awe that yes, everyone on and eHarmony are actually working with professional photographers to put their best foot forward (but of course I never get to show those photo shoots here on the blog because I'm sworn to secrecy) ;-)