Swing With Me | Beautiful Senior Pictures of Eastlake High School Girl

Pretty Senior pictures of girl on rope swing_Studio B Portraits_0351.jpgPretty Senior pictures of girl on rope swing_Studio B Portraits_0352.jpg Pretty Senior pictures of girl on rope swing_Studio B Portraits_0353.jpg

So oh my gosh...where to begin?  How about with the behind the scenes details for how this senior pictures photo shoot with Kayleigh finally came to be?  It's me...so there is ALWAYS a story right?...And usually it involves some sort of comedy of errors -- yep, this one too :-) I got it in my brain that a rope swing would be a fabulous concept for a senior photo shoot...who knew it was going to be brain surgery to not only find the perfect wood plank and rope...and secure it to a properly sized branch.  I know I know...you are thinking "HOME DEPOT, Brooke"...but NO.  I am the farthest thing from a "do it yourself" girl that you will meet...so of course I was stalking the internet for someone who would give me the "instant gratification, microwave version" of the perfect set.  FYI...doesn't exist...trust me...I really tried.  So cut to me -- pitching our team on my creative concept and getting shot down like 12 times....blah blah blah "safety"...blah blah blah "crashing to the ground" they said.  Ohhhhhh..."I see, fine...let's try it your way...with some planning and thought"  So while it was neither FAST or INSTANT...by the time Kayleigh from Eastlake High School arrived for her senior pictures photo shoot this day....we were totally ready (sort of).  Intern Robert was in the finishing touches of doing his very best version of a rope configuration...securing the swing to the tree that involved 8 knots -- I'm telling you both a troop of boy scouts and Master Magician Houdini would have been impressed.  The last test of readiness before we would begin shooting involved all 6 foot 6 inches of Robert and well over 200 pounds of him bouncing on the swing with copious amounts of tissue paper and flowers... for that single bit of confidence that we would need before letting Kayleigh take a ride :-)  And you just thought it was a picture of a beautiful senior girl on a swing right? (heehee)  Our senior photo shoots at Studio B are meant to celebrate this tremendous milestone with the kids and honestly...it takes a village of talent to make them happen so BIG thank you to Wesley at Sorella Salon for once again creating the most gorgeous hair and our in-house make-up artist Tiffany for her natural "You on Your Best Day" face and finally to Trisha from Stella & Dot for lending us her beautiful jewelry.

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