Senior Pictures FAQ | Where do you photograph senior pictures?

Senior pictures of Mount Si High School girl in red skirt and black crop top One of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we are asked about for senior pictures is "Where do we photograph?" Our answer is two part -- one part telling and 200 parts showing...(I'm a photographer, not surprisingly... I am highly visual and every story seems better to me with a picture)  Our senior pictures photo shoots include both contemporary studio and outdoor sets right here at our state of the art facility in Issaquah.  The first part of every senior session begins with a wardrobe review and quick brainstorming session about backgrounds, look of every outfit and the perfect compliment to the over all finished feel of the portrait.   Part of my shooting style is variety (-- ie I want you to look as great as your friend that came here last week but we're going to do something uniquely awesome for you.) For Amanda (above) from Mount Si High School...I was totally loving her black top, red skirt and latte-colored boot....this weathered metal door seemed like it was made just for her and since I'd never photographed it before -- it was a complete win win as she stomped it out down the winding path (love her smile!!!)  We always tell our clients -- if you want to see "where we photograph" -- the very best place to see our sets is right on our senior portfolio...almost all of it is done right here!