Looking for Great Guy Senior Pictures? | Woodinville High School Photographer

Senior pictures of guy in dress shorts and blue polo shirt_Studio B Portraits Looking for great senior pictures for your Class of 2015 boy?  Let's go ahead and let this Taylor Lautner look-a-like be your inspiration shall we?  Honestly Griffen walked in and I just had to ask..."Um has anyone ever told you that you look like Jacob from Twilight?" -- Spoiler alert...he's heard it a time or two ;-)  Like a lot of our fellas...senior pictures and mugging for my camera were not at the top of his "so excited" list - but I think even he was surprised by how much it "didn't suck"  (that's my quote...not his...many of our boys are shocked that playing Super Model for an afternoon is actually pretty cool)  I loved this casual outdoor look in his dress short and navy polo but I was DYING for his dapper suit & tie that we posted to our Facebook.  For more guy senior pictures...be sure to check out our GQ Portfolio on our Senior Website.