Silly + Sassy = Super Model | Magazine-style senior pictures at Studio B

Magazine style senior pictures of Bellevue HS girl in floral dress_Studio B PortraitsMagazine style senior pictures of Bellevue HS girl in floral dress_Studio B Portraits_0129 Senior pictures are a REALLY big deal -- HUGE even.  Every now and again I find myself at a loss for words in trying to communicate how we celebrate the experience ...but then I shoot a series of images that say it all!  Meet Sophia from Bellevue High School.  The Greek beauty embraced that perfect combination of awesome...Silly, Sassy, Serious, Super Model (can you tell I love alliteration?)  For this in-the-studio look...she showed me this fabulous floral dress and blazer with her nude heel and I immediately thought...we've just got to "top knot" your hair into a messy bun for a few snaps -- Sophia didn't miss a beat...she smiled and up it went...then, in runs Mom with a pair of reader glasses and NOW it was a model party! Here's what I'm getting at -- we're having fun -- no brain surgery, no world peace...literally, pure, unabashed joy.  Since our senior sessions are styled like magazine photo shoots, we end up with a ton of amazing photography showcasing the experience, many sides of  the kid's personality and a document to this wonderful time in their lives.

Since two of the most frequently asked questions after the session are "How will I ever pick?"  AND "Can we have them all?"  This is a perfect time to talk about the fact that we do a TON (I mean a lot) of Portfolio Books from our sessions (these are gorgeous, flush mount art books featuring your favorites from the shoot in custom designed editorial-style page lay-outs)  Another favorite is our Movie-style shows...everything set to music, mixed with behind the scenes video...I've posted several on our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure :-) I love this recent one of Ellie from Issaquah HS and Amanda from Lake Washington

PS. We also posted an outdoor stunner of Sophia on our Instagram page here