Can you guess the latest clothing trend for Senior Boys | Guy Senior Portrait Photographer

Guy senior pictures of Issaquah High School boy_Studio B Portraits_0163Guy senior pictures of Issaquah High School boy_Studio B Portraits Would you be surprised to hear that one of THE most popular trends for Class of 2015 guy senior pictures in clothing is (drum roll please...) -- blazers, suits and even tuxedos?  Yep. Totally true.  If you follow this blog or even our Facebook & Instagram...this is NOT a huge shock for you but if this is your first visit...ding ding...TREND Alert. :D  With four different looks/wardrobe changes during our senior sessions, it's become quite popular among the fellas to turn it up... UP-scale that is...for one of their outfits.   Bryce is a perfect example -- pairing his white button down collared shirt with black blazer and dark denim.  Side note...I literally clicked the camera and said to him...has anyone every told you  -- you look like Prince Harry (um...couple of times)  You see it right?  We also posted another favorite from Bryce's photo shoot on our FB page...this one was is casual "me on my every day...but way better" look ;-)