Glamorous Family Pictures featuring the Vizquel Family| Magazine Style Family Portraits at Studio B

Family portraits on location in Sammamish_Vizquel_Studio B Portraits_0174.jpgFamily portraits on location in Sammamish_Vizquel_Studio B Portraits_0176 Family portraits on location in Sammamish_Vizquel_Studio B Portraits_0175.jpg Family portraits on location in Sammamish_Vizquel_Studio B Portraits_0171.jpg


Family portraits on location in Sammamish_Vizquel_Studio B Portraits_0169.jpg

This outdoor family portrait session with the Vizquel's at their pretty Sammamish home is easily my very favorite that we have ever photographed together. I know what you are thinking -- it's because they are all impossibly beautiful, the weather was perfection and the finished portraits look like they should be featured in the pages of some fabulous glossy magazine. -- Ummmmm....yeah you could be right :D  (heehee)  In addition to my overwhelming sense of hitting the visual lottery -- the shoot was also SO fun, relaxed and easy.  I have had the privilege of photographing with the family for many years and Mom Nicole is always so patient with my endless enthusiasm to play and pose this fab four.  Oh and it wouldn't be me if I didn't give a shout out to the wardrobe styling -- hot pink and black formal -- YES please.  And since we all know that the delight is always in the details -- do go ahead and give a nod to young Caylee's ballet-inspired shoe, Mom's chic black hat and her on-trend midriff cut-away dress.  (btw...Mom was wearing the hat in the beginning of our shoot to tame her "big hair" -- oh my gosh, in my very best dream that would be an issue for me...I've got like four hairs on my head and they are all jealous of any gal who has THIS problem...sorry I digressed )

Feeling inspired?  Thinking it might be time for you own family portraits?  Awesome.  Here's a quick hit of details on timing. You are in your perfect window for outdoor shoots right now.  Late Summer & and Fall Sessions should be top of mind right through the latter part of October.  After that -- think modern studio and holiday sessions through the end of this year.  My only other note is that you should schedule now -- the calendar fills fast. Oh and here are quick links to more details on Family Sessions and our most recent family shoots.