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Boy senior pictures of football guy in fitness theme_Studio B Portraits_0178 I know that I cannot be the only one who feels compelled to start an early New Year's Resolution/re-dedication to physical fitness program after seeing this Issaquah High School Class of 2015 Senior.  ESPN has "The Body Issue" and now we have Rees.  I'm sure you're dying to here is the back story -- At the time of Rees' shoot I had just seen a very high profile NFL player that had done some really amazing portraits reminiscent of master painters and I felt completely inspired to create something "Statue of David-eque" featuring Rees.  He was SO kind to indulge me for these amazing black and white images.  Just to put your mind to rest...we did let the boy take pictures with his actual shirt on too :D -- posted one of my favorites on our Facebook page here.