Riding in style | Bringing Your Car for Senior Pictures | Studio B Seniors

Senior-pictures-of-boy-with-Maserati-carBoy senior pictures with Maserati car_Studio B Portraits_0060.jpg I probably should just quickly address the question that I know I'm going to get -- NO, we did not provide this most amazing Maserati for Tanner's Senior photo shoot....but I did absolutely LOVE getting to photograph him with it...SO thank you to his Mom Michelle for making it happen -- WAY cool  :-)  For the fellas it's always fun to get to incorporate the kids with their cars...just another opportunity to make the experience special & personal.  #1 Quick tip for any seniors looking to incorporate their wheels: Do be sure to bring your ride with a fresh wash and a squeaky clean finish...unless you are going for the grunge look...in that case -- break the rules! ;-)