Want to create a Classic Family Portrait in Contemporary Style | Issaquah Portrait Studio

Great family portraits of parents with adult sons_Studio B Portraits_0290.jpg Everyone has their flavor of family portrait and what I've learned about my particular taste...I like to "feel something" -- I guess I can count myself lucky because that particular quality can outshine any type of trend, theme, classic, modern or vintage bend...As long as I am moved -- it's like "let's do it."  Don't get me wrong....great posing and pretty lighting are a must...but after that -- bring on the snuggle, shut your eyes and laugh with abandon, get serious and soulful...I love it all!  The contemporary twist on a classic family portrait (like the absolutely lovely Kenney Family here) is embracing the emotion and affection of the moment....a look that never goes out of style for me.  I'm about to tell on myself...but my measure of a great portrait is "...could someone look at people they don't even know....and  feel the connection, see the emotion...maybe secretly want to be in their family ;-) "  If the answer is YES, I know we have a winner!