Joy-full Christmas Family Pictures | Best Family Photographer near Bellevue

Fun family dance party for for Holiday Pictures_Studio B Portraits_0301.jpgFun family dance party for for Holiday Pictures_Studio B Portraits_0300.jpg Fun family dance party for for Holiday Pictures_Studio B Portraits_0299.jpg

Meet the poster family for "HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2014!" Might have to add an honorable mention of "Best Dad Award" -- it clearly goes to Daddy Charles who got the dance party started with his three ladies in hot pink.  This time of year always feels like the happiest of reunions for me.  I'm really blessed that many of our clients share their family pictures tradition with me and if your thinking that the Wadlow Family looks familiar -- well then I owe you a BIG thank you because you have obviously been reading the blog for quite some time.  Here's a quick link to the Wadlow's sessions over the years -- crazy to think we have shared so many of life's milestones...maternity, newborn, birthdays and many Christmas portrait sessions together!  On a side note -- I know a lot of you Mom's are looking for wardrobe inspiration for planning your own family pictures for the holidays so go ahead and take a page from Mom Michelle's styling book --  pick three colors and then get creative mixing patterns, textures & accessories.  Also...embrace a trend or two -- a big one we've seen this season for families is choosing unique colors beyond the Merry Christmas red & green :-)

Last but not least, if you are looking for our Annual Holiday Special K.I.S.S Event (Studio Session + Holiday Cards) for November here's your link to the details.