The One Time That Crying Children is Hysterical...No, Really. | Family Photographer near Bellevue

Family portraits with young boys in jeans and brick wall _Studio B Portraits_0065.jpgFamily portraits of young family in front of brick wall _Studio B Portraits

"Dignity is SO overrated." It's literally the first phrase that comes to my mind every time I realize what me and the parents of small children will do to make these high energy sessions successful.  Braiden is rocking some serious ka-ra-te while Dean is showing me his tongue... yep -- all in a days work I tell you.  My best advice?...Embrace the madness like Cassandra and Jared -- YES, there are going to be a lot of outtakes on your blooper reel but the true joy is making the memory together. Also...honey is better than vinegar -- As you might imagine... crying is not normally considered to be photogenic...just in case any of you were wondering ;-)  The one exception to that rule is of course?...A sobbing kid on Santa's lap -- ALWAYS hysterical years later! Oh c' know I'm right!

Oh and big thank you to Sorella Salon for Mom's gorgeous camera ready hair + make-up...SO glam!