Oh My Gosh the Bevell Family is SO Cute! | Seattle Family Photographer

Bevell Family Pictures with Darrell and Tammy at Studio B Portraits_0078.jpgBevell Family Pictures with Darrell and Tammy at Studio B Portraits_0079.jpg

If you just read the title of this post -- "OH MY GOSH, The Bevell Family is SO cute!" -- You probably have already looked at them and are saying the exact same thing :D   Their genuine affection and effortless confidence in front of the camera might make you think that Team Bevell (they are a very athletic family...so I'm hoping you all are enjoying my play on words here ;-) - does this all of the time. But NO-- it's been years and years since Mom Tammy has updated their family portrait and it was way overdue.  Dad Darrell was holding it down as the only fella of the fab five and as you can see -- big points for participation...he was such a good sport!  Oh and if one of the Bevell's above is looking familiar to you -- yep, you guessed it -- we first met Softball rock-star Kylie earlier in the season when we did her senior pictures.  Here's a quick link to her shoot