Crash! Crash! Crash! | Celebrating Two with Wesley

Watch Me Grow Portraits of newborn boy to 2 year birthday_Studio B Portraits I said it when he turned 1 month...then 1 year and not to be cliche...but I feel like I blinked and this beautiful boy of ours turned two years old.  I had this whole plan of how we were going to do a fabulous milestone shoot in the studio for him (because it's January and who can count on weather right?) -- but out came the sun...and with it, Wesley's desire to run around like a "race car" yelling "crash! crash! crash!" (you know what's coming, right?)....he gleefully tosses himself to the wet muddy grass...looks up at me with a smile -- get's up -- throws a glance over his shoulder (to see that I'm still smiling even though he's a mess)...and off he joyfully runs again.  Happy Birthday Baby.