3 Great Reasons to do Family Portraits in the Studio

Natural family portraits in the studio_Studio B Portraits_0088.jpgNatural family portraits in the studio_Studio B Portraits_0087.jpg Natural family portraits in the studio_Studio B Portraits_0089.jpg

You know I'm always one to love a good "share" from our shoots but this one is going to have a bit of a twist because it's got a little "best practices" moral to the story for ya :-).  After I photographed the Hunt Family, Mom Lori and I met to do her portrait design and finalize her order when she stopped and said to me... "Everyone always loves to photograph outside and I love it when I see it on other people, but I REALLY loved photographing with you in the studio.  No squinting in the sun, being too hot, hearing the kids grump about walking from place to place...This was SO relaxed and enjoyable." I think she might have said more...but...to be honest...I SO loved what she was saying that I may have gotten giddy.  Matter of fact, the next 3 sentences might have gotten drowned out by the blue-birds and Disney soundtrack of music in my head...you know the kind of thing that happens when something fabulous happens in the movies)  Yes I was that happy and flattered but then I got to thinking -- I totally need to share this info with anyone considering and investment in family portraits.  Take a very real look at your family make-up and consider the best option for your session.... a pros & cons list if you will.  Since it's January in Seattle -- I'm going to give you my top three reasons for shooting in the studio.

1.  Weather - it's never to cold or too hot or too windy when you are shooting in a temperature controlled state of the art studio.  Goldilocks and the Three Bears...it's always just right. (You can tell I have small children based on my reference there huh?)

2.  Shoot Any Time - Jump in...the water...er, I mean...the lighting is awesome!  We all know that there are better times of day for your family dynamic and shooting in the studio means you are not going to have to schedule around the sunlight to be in your favor.  If you are a crew that does best after breakfast or can't think about getting a move on before late afternoon....doesn't matter, it's always a perfect time on a studio set.

3. Setting:  Backgrounds, music, seating, mirrors, bathrooms, amenities...all are just steps away and completely customizable when you are shooting at the studio.  I can't tell you how many times a family has shown up for their close-up only to have the unexpected issue (insert -- diaper blow-out, tween wardrobe drama, hair emergency, spouse attitude) be alleviated simply by having our green room, time and resources at their finger tips.

Feeling pretty good about studio family shoots right about now aren't you? :-) Me too... so good in fact that I've decided I'll be bringing you 3 of my best tips for outdoor family pictures for Spring.  In the meantime, feel free to check out both styles on our Family Portfolio.