Is the trend toward black and white headshots for you? | Seattle Head shot Photographer

Professional headshots of men in black and white_Studio B Head shots_0090.jpg If your New Year's Resolution included updating your professional headshot, getting thoughtful about your personal brand and it's impact on your professional success -- you are going to love our next series.  From style inspiration on "what to wear" to current trends and why you may want to jump on board, to the best way to play up your best assets (or let's be honest... nix the stuff we wish wasn't there to begin with ;-) ) we're going to do an entire week dedicated to your professional image.

Today's post is actually a "Trend Alert" - We've seen a tremendous request for black and white headshots and if you are in the market for a new professional head shot ...there are three great reasons to consider this look for yourself.

1. Aw 'cmon just seems to always feel high end and luxurious doesn't it?  The world agrees -- Amex Black,  Little Black Dress, Black Tie Affair ...I could go on and on...but you get the idea.   Black and white images also let your personality and expression take center stage.  (BIG thank you to New York Life Finanacial Advisor Jacob Kemmerer in his suit, tie and b/w style above for totally proving this point)

2. From a design perspective, black & white headshot images are great neutral graphics that blend beautifully into marketing collateral and websites without distracting from your content.  For all of you Entrepreneur and 425 Business've already seen this look in the pages of their editorial lay-out in issue after issue.

3. Your image is photographed in color and then converted to a monochromatic finish.  You literally have nothing to lose in seeing if you like it so just go for it and play.  (Another bonus: at Studio B, we don't charge for converting from color to black & white so it's like getting 2 different images...use one in color on your Twitter and another on Linked-In in b/w)

I'm going to guess that you are completely thinking about headshots right now and might be on a roll so here's a quick link to more examples from our head shot portfolio.