3 Easy Tips to Dressing with your Partners for Group Business Portraits

Sorella-Salon_Studio B Portraits_Reasy Executing professional portraits for business on your own behalf can be intimidating when you are flying solo but when you add the "double-lux, two-handed, back-handspring" version of coordinating outfits with your partners or team ...it might feel downright impossible.  Good news -- it's NOT.  And the quick answer does not have to be "Everyone wear black, black, with a little more black"

When it comes to personal branding for professional success -- nobody does it any better than the ladies of Sorella Salon (above).  These beauty industry entrepreneurs never miss and when we got together to photograph their promotional images for Sorella's new location (they have 3 gorgeous Eastside salons), I just knew they were going to dress to impress (and be the perfect example for me to share three easy tips for coordinating wardrobe attire for yourself and your group business portraits)

3 Easy Tips to Dressing with your Partners

1.  COLOR:  Select a color palette that includes up to 3 hues and give everyone the freedom to design an outfit for themselves that references any or all of the colors.  (Hint:  Looking at your brand colors -- staying in that color family is a brilliant way to have your professional brand look polished and pulled together.)

2.  DETAIL: Adding unexpected texture, pattern and accessories can really send a message of creativity and individuality - differentiating both you and partners from one another (and perhaps your competitors)

3.  STYLE: Getting on the same page is critical and we typically say it like this -- "Make sure you are all going to the same office" -- meaning...decide if you are going upscale casual or dressing to impress.  Mixing your messages here is confusing to your client and best avoided unless you're intentionally going for a throwback to the "Odd Couple" :D

Full disclaimer, when we do consultations for wardrobe and personal branding imagery...there are like 10 more steps but these first 3 are the ones that I would grab out of the proverbial burning building.  If you are needing a headshot refresh for you or your team, be sure to check out our headshot galleries and let us know if we can answer any questions.