#1 Question to ask before your Business Headshot...

Professional Headshots for Business_Studio B Head shots_0099.jpg I literally begin every professional headshot session with NO camera in my hand.  You and I sit on a couch and we just have a conversation.  I ask you the single most important question for our collaborative success - "Who are you?" or  "Who do you want to be today" -- For 3 out of 4 people...the question usually elicits some sort of smile and pondering expression as they really think about the answer.

Let's be honest -- as human beings...we wear a lot of hats.  For me -- wife, mom, sister, um...rocking amazing photographer but when I'm doing my own professional headshot -- I need to think about which side I'm showcasing (and spoiler alert...it's not the mashed-bananas-covered Mommy of a 2 year old) My professional brand is so much more than my ability to create a great picture of you -- what I need for you to know is that I'm ....a smiler, very quick to share an embarrassing story about myself, a big fan of reality TV (don't judge me), a creative communicator, and obsessed with all-things-business (your business, my business...the business that they were pitching on Shark Tank last night) :D  I don't put pressure on myself to deliver all of that in one portrait -- but rather more of a Gestalt effect over time because I get SO many opportunities to express myself visually...and by the way YOU do too. If you are thinking WHAT? Don't worry I'm going to explain.

Social Media is going to be your very best version of showcasing who you are and the many layers of your professional personality. Linked-In, Twitter, blogging, Facebook, Instagram, company website -- all of them are your "digital handshake."  When I photograph our portfolio sessions here at Studio B, we create 3 completely unique looks with the idea that each of the looks is a different part of the "professional you" that you would like for clients and colleagues to be introduced or to learn about you.  What becomes VERY important, is taking a few moments (and maybe even a sheet of paper to make a list) -- to think about who YOU are within your industry and what you want to share with your professional circle.  If you need a little help -- FYI, it's what we do here so feel free to contact us.

On a related note, I follow Guy Kawasaki on Linked-In and he offers some of the most straight forward and easy to execute advise regarding navigating social media that I've ever read (...he's also funny...love a quick wit) so if you are interested here's a link to his post on The Art of Social Media