Why the Best Version of You is 100x's Better than the Knock off of Someone Else

Interview with Seattle headshot photographer Brooke Clark In business today, it’s never been more important to communicate who you are.... not just what you do. I think we can all agree that the best version of you is 100% better than the knock-off version of someone else, right? I built my entire career on the idea that I’d set a nice low bar (yes...I said it... a LOW bar :-) ...pat myself on the back for my success and then raise it again. That little voice of doubt can’t become a big roar of fear if I’m winning a little victory every day. For those of you that are scared to put yourself out there because you haven’t lost the weight or you don’t look the way you did 10 years ago – just remember that great lighting, fabulous posing and a rocking photographer can go a long way – haha! You thought I was going to say it’s not about looking perfect didn’t you? I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention because the truth is… feeling amazing and looking great is part of your personal best on a business level every bit as much as education, experience, networking and all of the other tools in your arsenal of professional awesome-ness (I stole that last word from my 10 year old… just feels good to say, doesn’t it?) I’ve written several articles about personal branding as it pertains to capturing your professional headshot image and after you sift through the snappy clothing, styled hair and flawless make-up… it always comes down to asking yourself if the final look is authentically you because that’s who people are doing business with each day.