How to Decorate with Family Portraits in an Elegant Home | Sammamish, WA

Decorating with canvas Family Portraits in elegant Sammamish WA home_Studio B in Issaquah_0226.jpg Our brand new "Show Us Your Wall" share features the Hanson Family. Their gorgeous Sammamish home is just a Pinterest board waiting to happen isn't it? ;-)  Mom Nancy wanted to blend her love of elegant design with the loves of her life (I can totally relate) and we decided that simplicity was the very best match for her elegant style.  The 30" Giclee Museum Canvas in the foyer is a beautiful unifying statement piece to their home highlighting the togetherness of all nine members...yes NINE.  (Can you tell I'm still in total admiration of the couple's 7 children?) but it's the 20" framed piece in their master suite that just gets me every much love & emotion in just one moment.

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