What Every CEO Knows about their Headshot and YOU should too!

Executive portraits and business headshots of Durgesh Sharma photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke Clark_0307.jpg Executive portraits and business headshots of Durgesh Sharma photographed at Studio B Portraits by Brooke Clark_0306.jpg

Before I tell you what every successful business person knows about managing their professional & personal brands -- indulge me as I ask you to do the following quick exercise -- Picture yourself in your favorite outfit -- really...get a visual in your mind of exactly what that amazing ensemble looks like.  NOW... picture yourself wearing that outfit to every single social and professional venue that you will attend for the next  year.  EVERY single location and event....regardless of if it's fancy or casual.  Let's add an extra level of consideration to your selection by telling you that... everyone will know. Why? -- because they are attending those events with you.  Yep -- formal board meeting at the office, 5K Charity run, happy hour with clients, company picnic....there you are appearing the exact same way you did in the last place they saw you. It of course sounds absurd because you would NEVER do it, right? In real life we change our outfit and our expression to mirror what we're doing and who we're doing it with -- Social Media and all of the professional networking that we engage in for elevating our professional brand works in the identical fashion.

Whether you are hearing this for the very first time or you are literally setting the pace like Colliers International Durgesh Sharma (above) it's important to keep your image fresh, authentic and customized to the spaces & places that you are using them online.  By now, I know you won't be surprised to hear that most of our C-Level Executives do full portfolio refreshes every 12-18 months?  Not only that... they tailor their image profiles to the personality of the social network they are posting to for maximum impact.

Should you be doing the same?  Want to know how?  In upcoming posts, we'll share our "best practices tips & tricks" for creating great profile images for LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, Company Websites, Press Releases, and Speaking engagements.  Here's a quick link to more articles on the topic of headshots & social media as well....

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