Men's Style Guide | The NEW Rules for Professional Business Photos

Examples of clothing ideas for great business headshots for men_0321.jpg Some things just go together -- Jordan & Pippen... Jobs & Wozniak... Spock & Kirk ... you get the idea.  And to that end, it's just impossible to talk about great headshots for men without first addressing the "what to wear" question - they are inextricably linked fellas.  The rules have changed for how men present in the work place and the era of "one look fits all" is officially off the table.  Customizing, personalizing, leading with confidence -- that's what we're trying to deliver with your professional headshot and nailing it largely begins with getting your style right. I found this cool article in Men's Health Magazine "55 Style Rules That You Must Follow" and it offered easy and straightforward steps that I think every guy can master (at least for one headshot photo shoot anyway!) :D

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