Clever Design Tip for Planning Your Next Wall Lay-out | Decorating with Photographic Art

Decorating Tip for Planning Wall Designs_Studio B Portraits Enjoying your photographic art is a big theme here at Studio B Portraits-- we want you to have fun making it and then displaying it in your home.  If I'm honest... both of those topics could be a rabbit hole of good fun on any given day but today -- I just wanted to share a fabulous post from Hunt Studio Design: Art and How to Hang It.  Their motto "that good design doesn't just happen by accident" made me smile and the clever lay-out tips and visuals are really spot on. (I have always loved the idea of putting paper cut-outs on the wall where you want to hang your art. It's such a great way to see the design before you commit. When I do it at my house -- I typically use old Christmas wrap from Costco -- I've got tons of it... and hanging it on the wall for a day or so confuses the crap out of my kids in the most awesome way)

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