How to Dress without Stress for your Portfolio Shoot

Great professional headshots of woman in blue velvet jacket with denim Some people make getting dressed for a photo shoot look so easy don't they? Yeah... I'm talking about Kate Hudson look-a-like Marja above.  (heehee)  This blue velvet jacket, denim and sweet bow-tie booty shoe combo is spot-on! Believe me, making it look effortless requires a lot of effort!  I've said it before but it's worth repeating...if you want to take the stress out of getting ready for your Portfolio or Headshot Session, the very best thing you can do is plan & prepare.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Think about where you are going to use the final images (Professional Networking? Social Media? Online Dating) and let that be your guide for each and every outfit.
  • Dress head to toe... even if nobody sees your feet in a particular shot... pulling your entire look together gives you that extra touch of camera-ready confidence
  • Bring alternatives... heck, bring a suitcase of options and include accessories that make a statement about you
  • Do your homework and look through pictures and poses that you think are amazing... it helps you feel prepared to communicate your vision (remember this is a collaborative process!)... Since it's May and everything is blooming... ladies, I found this fun article on 15 Spring Trends... a little inspiration for you :-)

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