Why we love Professional Hair & Make-up| Senior Pictures Portrait Studio, Sammamish, WA

Natural senior pictures of pretty girl in front of fountain in black beaded dress_Studio B Portraits_0111.jpg Glam hair is definitely on trend this season for our 2016 Senior Girls and we e are loving this half up, barrel rolled-curl created by our style partner Sorella Salon.  We talk a lot about "You on Your Best Day" and Kelli from Skyline High School is clearly representing!  Also wanted to make a quick note of her fresh, natural make-up.  A lot of our clients are scared of Professional Make-up application but we 100% recommend going pro before your senior pictures. A camera-ready face is quite different than a street face (think of studio lighting and high definition lenses) Our make-up artists are magicians at accentuating your best features and camouflaging any imperfections that might make you feel anything less than fabulous....No shine, eyes that pop, just a gorgeous version of you!  And we saved the best for last -- we take care of all of the scheduling and coordinating.  Just let us know that you would like camera ready hair & make-up when you book your senior session and we'll take care of everything.  For more details or to schedule your appointments and sessions, contact us