What should I do with my hands?| Seattle Senior Portrait Studio

Senior girl in black romper holding hot pink balloon _Studio B Portraits_0123.jpgSenior girl in black romper by white brick wall _Studio B Portraits_0125.jpg Senior girl in black romper holding hot pink balloon _Studio B Portraits_0124.jpg

When I write this blog at night...I realize that some of my musings are out of left field but -- here's what I was thinking about this evening...The following inquiry: "What should I do with my hands?"  Such a simple question and one that literally comes up every time I do a senior photo shoot.  You are probably laughing because clearly we all spend a great deal of time in our own skin but for a  lot of us... suddenly, everything becomes a bit um... awkward.  Somewhere over the last decade, I made it my mission to end the unpleasantness of that feeling for our clients by literally thinking of every possible place for hands, feet, and limbs of all kinds :D  Here is the benefit of my study  in a nutshell. "Pockets are awesome." (Were you looking for world peace? haha)  In the absence of this go-to clothing option... I also love a great prop like Elizabeth's super cute polka dot balloon here.  Adding in props to a few of the shots gives something to play off of until the nerves ease and we all realize...hey this is actually pretty fun! ;-)

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